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  • ABC Pregnancy Care Center in Kenai

    “The One who calls you is faithful, and He will do it.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:24 Jesus rocked the cultural boat when it came to women. In His day, women were looked upon as second-class citizens, property that didn’t require much attention or investment. But Jesus was different. He saw them with eyes that recognized their worth and significance, both on earth and throughout eternity. Kenai’s ABC Pregnancy Care Center has lived out Jesus’ vision towards the women of the central Kenai Peninsula since 1985. The center’s director, Colleen Ward, said that the center is designed to show young women

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  • Global Recordings Network – Alaska

    Global Recordings Network – Alaska “I want to hear my mother’s voice again!” This statement was made by the eldest daughter of Eklutna’s last chief, Chief Alex. Lois (Alex) Munson remembered that in 1947 two American young women came to their cabin to record with her mother the Bible’s Gospel message in their native Denaina dialect of the Athabascan language. Global Recording Network’s (Gospel Recordings) founder Joy Ridderhof and her recording partner Ann Sherwood arrived in Eklutna, an Indian village in the upper Cook Inlet region. The Indian chief welcomed them and as they sat in his cabin, he gave

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  • Kings Treasures Christian Bookstore in Kenai

    Grab a cup of your favorite coffee and head over to King’s Treasures Christian Bookstore to be refreshed by its enthusiastic service, comfortable reading area and wide selection of Christian merchandise. As the only Christian bookstore on the Kenai Peninsula, King’s Treasures is indeed a treasure-trove of bibles, books, music, gifts, apparel and accessories. Along with the typical selections of mainstream Christian products, King’s Treasures also sponsors and sells the work of local Christian artists and craftsmen, and has frequently opened its doors to classes, bible studies and workshops done by such patrons. The back of the bookstore is set

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Recent Articles

  • Family on Mission

    Family on Mission Posted on April 8, 2014 by jaypullins Family: the people you do life with On:  attached to or unified with Mission:  being sent for some duty or purpose I have lots of fond memories of my 22 years in the Air Force and Alaska Air National Guard – seeing the world, living in Germany, the feeling of wearing my country’s uniform, the sense of accomplishment at the end of a long, difficult mission. But my greatest memory is of the sense of family we had, even with people we often had not known for very long. It was during the decades of the

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  • Missions-tourism ignores Alaska’s needs

    Missions-tourism ignores Alaska’s needs COMPASS: Other points of view By CHRIS THOMPSON June 16, 2012   My recent letter to the editor, triggered by the Emmonak Women’s Shelter financial crisis, mentioned two unnamed local churches leading three mission trips to Africa at costs exceeding $200,000. Another local church is offering similar one-week Russia ($2,500) and five-day Mexico experiences ($1,000+) this fall. I questioned these trips, when Alaska has urgent needs of its own. Christianity in those African countries visited is close to 90 percent. Alaska is nowhere near this. Nationally we rank near the bottom on church membership and attendance.

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  • What Church is like-Jay Pullins

    “What church is like…?” Jay Pullins ChangePoint, Executive Pastor of Discipleship & Mission   Recently my church, ChangePoint, had the pleasure of hosting world evangelist Luis Palau as our guest preacher for all four of our Sunday services. Luis presented the gospel message and gave and invitation for folks to follow Jesus at every service. Over 125 people responded that day with first-time decisions or decisions to re-commit their lives to following Christ! I can’t wait for the Love Alaska Festival this summer where Luis and his team will share the gospel with a much larger audience in Anchorage, Fairbanks,

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