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  • Family Promise Mat-Su

    With the wintry onset of cold and blustery weather, Alaskans like to snuggle comfortably into the warm protection of well insulated homes enjoying food stored up for the long season. There are some who don’t have such comfort or protection.  In fact their numbers are increasing as witnessed around our communities throughout Alaska.  What can be done to help these people who for various reasons have lost their homes in a place where winter weather can be most severe, often not getting enough food to eat? Family Promise Mat-Su is one community outreach that shelters families by working directly with

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  • ABC Pregnancy Care Center in Kenai

    “The One who calls you is faithful, and He will do it.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:24 Jesus rocked the cultural boat when it came to women. In His day, women were looked upon as second-class citizens, property that didn’t require much attention or investment. But Jesus was different. He saw them with eyes that recognized their worth and significance, both on earth and throughout eternity. Kenai’s ABC Pregnancy Care Center has lived out Jesus’ vision towards the women of the central Kenai Peninsula since 1985. The center’s director, Colleen Ward, said that the center is designed to show young women

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  • Global Recordings Network – Alaska

    “I want to hear my mother’s voice again!” This statement was made by the eldest daughter of Eklutna’s last chief, Chief Alex. Lois (Alex) Munson remembered that in 1947 two American young women came to their cabin to record with her mother the Bible’s Gospel message in their native Denaina dialect of the Athabascan language. Global Recording Network’s (Gospel Recordings) founder Joy Ridderhof and her recording partner Ann Sherwood arrived in Eklutna, an Indian village in the upper Cook Inlet region. The Indian chief welcomed them and as they sat in his cabin, he gave them permission to do their

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Recent Articles

  • Expanding Correctional Center Outreach – Community Chaplain Position

    The real test of prison ministry is the success of its re-entry programs. It’s having ex-inmates becoming productive citizens.  In an effort to bring those successes forward, Alaska Correctional Ministries is transitioning one of their Chaplains, Scott Thompson serving at Goose Creek Correctional Center into a new Community Chaplain position.  As Scott explains, this position will allow him to work within Goose Creek for half his time, then in the community in re-entry ministry with pastors, community leaders and ex-inmates the rest of the time.  This is an incredible opportunity for discipleship and counseling, helping men re-enter society as a

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  • Faith Communities Welcome to Participate with “Partners in Care” – National Guard

    Joel Heath, one of our Anchorage area National Guard Chaplains recently passed on the following information for Alaska pastors and their congregations.  It is their desire to link caring communities, faith organizations and agencies with the National Guard in support of these warriors and their families who face unique challenges because of their service. Here’s his article to faith communities: Partners in Care – Thank you for your support of approximately 4,000 soldiers, airmen and their families! They are your neighbors and friends – fellow citizens in time of peace and service members who mobilize in time of disaster, community need, or war. 

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  • Family on Mission

    Family on Mission Posted on April 8, 2014 by jaypullins Family: the people you do life with On:  attached to or unified with Mission:  being sent for some duty or purpose I have lots of fond memories of my 22 years in the Air Force and Alaska Air National Guard – seeing the world, living in Germany, the feeling of wearing my country’s uniform, the sense of accomplishment at the end of a long, difficult mission. But my greatest memory is of the sense of family we had, even with people we often had not known for very long. It was during the decades of the

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